Review: Original Syn by Beth Kander

“You’ll be surprised to see how quickly the world can change…”

Tons of plot twists, strong female characters, diverse characters, messed up family dynamics, secrets, and lies. 

Without any spoilers, let’s dive in: 50 years before the story begins, there’s something called The Singularity, where the most powerful people merged their bodies with machines and became “enhanced” and possibly immortal; they stopped the aging process, and amassed all the wealth and power. They are the Synthetic Citizens, AKA Syns. Those who didn’t merge with machines are now called Originals… and because the Syns don’t want them around, they came up with a slow but sure death sentence by tampering with the water systems and rendering all Original women infertile.

Out in the wilderness, Ere and Cal are two of the last remaining young Originals. Ere is eighteen, his older cousin Cal is twenty-one, and otherwise their entire tribe is old and dying. Even Ere’s mother, the fierce warrior Ruth Fell, seems to be slowing down.

Ere and Cal have no idea what the future will hold, but they both really hope it will involve someday meeting girls their own age. 

And then, Ere does meet a girl his own age. Sort of. He meets Ever, who appears to be his own age—but she’s a Syn.

About the Author

Beth Kander writes fiction, children’s books, stage plays, screenplays, and more. Her dystopian trilogy Original Syn debuted in 2018. The first in the series, “Original Syn,” electrified readers and is a finalist for the MIAL Fiction Award; the second book in the series, “Born in Syn,” comes out fall 2019. Her other works of fiction include some delightful novels pending publication, the novel “Was” and the children’s book “Glubbery Gray: The Knight-Eating Beast” (Pelican Publishing). 

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