Case Study of an Indie Cover: A Story of Vision, Collaboration, and Impact

For authors, the creation of their book’s cover is often a very personal process. After all, the cover should be what best represents the content of the book, and no one knows the content better than the author herself. So, I was thrilled when I got the opportunity to speak with an author named Cécile […]

Creative Collaboration: The Relationship Between Writer & Artist

As is evidenced by the theme of this issue, covers are incredibly important—the composition and imagery of a cover play an integral role in the very first impression a reader will have of the book. So, I was incredibly excited to be able to have a conversation with David Campos and Maceo Montoya, a poet […]

Indie Bookstore: Browse the Indie Catalog

Recent releases, award winners, and more! DELOS: The White Tree By Blake Miller The gripping and exciting story of impossible 16-year-old twins, a black girl and a white boy, who find themselves being called on by a mysterious source to come to its help. Answering this call, however, reveals that they are part of a […]

Girl + Book

What to Read in YA Fiction by Megan Lord Young adult fiction continues to become one of the most popular genres– mostly for adults. Join us each issue to find your next YA read. Every Stolen Breath by Kimberly Gabriel I just finished this book and it is a big wide-eyed YES from me! And […]

Feature: Summer Reads Roundup.

Top 30 New & Upcoming Releases to Add to Your Summer Reads List By Alyse Mgrdichian A Thousand Ways to Pay Attention: a Memoir of Coming Home to My Neurodivergent Mind By Rebecca Schiller “An ‘exquisite and probing narrative’ (Publishers Weekly) of one woman’s newfound neurodivergence, recounting how her surprising diagnosis of severe ADHD in […]

Featured Indie Bookstore: Desperate Literature | Madrid, Spain

Desperate Literature

Desperate Literature is an independent international bookshop since 2015 in the heart of Madrid. We try to build a community through literature – running events, a literary prize, publishing a prize anthology and, of course, sourcing new, used and rare books.

Pride & Publishing: Writing Skills & How to Improve Them

Pride and Publishing: writing skills

If you think you do not need to improve your skills, then you are already lost. Everyone needs to hone and develop their writing skills, if they want to be a fantastic writer that is. So, with that in mind, how can you do it?

Small Press Reviews: Ocean’s Grave 1907

Ocean's Grave 1907 review

Ocean’s Grave represents Malone’s second novel in his series of Lovecraftian Horror, a continuation of themes and characters from his first release, Spring City Terror 1903.