Find Your Next Podcast: Quick Book Reviews by Philippa Hall

By Gabby Guerra

Philippa Hall

About the Podcast

A warm, welcoming chat about books.

The Quick Book Reviews Podcast is a weekly podcast which includes author interviews, book reviews, opinions and conversation.

Tell us about yourself.

PH: I (Philippa) have loved books for as long as I can remember, from sitting under my duvet with a torch as a child, reading books past my bedtime, to getting my first weekend job in the local library. In a world where we’ve witnessed such volatility and uncertainty, books are the constant escape and have transported me to different worlds.

How did you get started with the podcast?

PH: It started three years ago, when I had already established a platform on Instagram using post-it notes to give my reviews on books. It was suggested that I take it further, so I literally held a vote between YouTube or Podcasts, with podcasts winning the vote. I also preferred producing a podcast because I don’t have to wear make-up and get dressed up. Also, I felt that the book community was already very well developed on YouTube, however that wasn’t the case with podcasts. What I wanted to do was replicate the cosy, chatty feel you get on YouTube and put that out as a podcast.

How would you describe your podcast?

PH: A warm, welcoming chat about books.

I usually have one longer author interview plus one shorter interview, as well as five books reviews on each episode. Plus there is some chat from me. I just want people to love reading, to be able to escape into a book, to feel better from listening to me, and perhaps a smile or a laugh and a growing list of books to read.

What’s the most challenging and most satisfying part of running a podcast?

PH: I love reading books and recording the podcast, but the editing and marketing takes time. I get some amazing authors, and I always finish talking to them feeling brighter and better. Authors are my rockstars and the fact that they want to come on and talk to me is incredible.

How did you get the word out about your podcast in the beginning, and how have you grown your audience?

PH: I started an account on Twitter and that has helped, plus the Instagram and TikTok accounts work too. However, it is mainly word of mouth, as people tell their friends and more and more start listening. The amount of listeners I get now is amazing; it’s wonderful! I feel honoured that so many people around the world enjoy listening to me.

What’s one of your favorite episodes?

PH: I enjoy every episode, however the one where I had Stephen Fry come on and talk about his book has to be the standout. He was such a kind man and an absolute pleasure to talk to.

What is your uploading schedule, and what can we expect from the worst bestsellers in the upcoming months?

PH: Every Monday (with a 2 week break in July & December) there is a new episode waiting for you, with a wide range of books and authors to choose from. There are some wonderful author interviews coming up and books to review. I cant wait for everyone to listen in!

Where can listeners find quick book reviews?

PH: The “Quick Book Reviews Podcast” is available on all good podcast sites.

Find us on Social….

Twitter: @QuickBookRevie2

Instagram: @quick_book_reviews

TikTok: @quickbookreviews

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