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Two and a half decades of transforming people's bodies and minds taught Christian Adrian Brown that physical health inexorably influences mental health.

Desperate Literature

Desperate Literature is an independent international bookshop since 2015 in the heart of Madrid. We try to build a community through literature - running events, a literary prize, publishing a prize anthology and, of course, sourcing new, used and rare books.

So, you’ve finally written your book. But how do you get your indie novel onto the shelves of a high-street bookshop? 

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The Quick Book Reviews Podcast is a weekly podcast which includes author interviews, book reviews, opinions and conversation.

Most people who write want to get published, but how does that happen? There is always big publishers, but just getting heard by these giants can be a challenge in of itself. 

Review by Sean Malone, Orange Hat Publishing | Ten16 Press The struggle of parents to support their children in all circumstances is an experience shared …

Anne Yoder released her first novel, The Enhancers, in October 2022. I had the opportunity to interview her about how she juggles her pharmacy job and her writing to make the most of both worlds.

How do you tell an effective story and make young audiences care within a limited page length? Alyse Mgrdichian delves into this.

What to read next in independent publishing.

\The epilogue to Paul W. Williams’ memoir, Harvard, Hollywood, Hitmen, and Holymen, contains eight lists of “important practical things” he’s learned in his over seven decades on this planet.