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What to Read in YA Fiction by Megan Lord

Megan Lord

Young adult fiction continues to become one of the most popular genres– mostly for adults. Join us each issue to find your next YA read.

Every Stolen Breath by Kimberly Gabriel

Every Stolen Breath

I just finished this book and it is a big wide-eyed YES from me! And I am a fan of this book cover as well –which is fitting to feature in the Behind the Cover issue of Shelf Magazine. Kimberly Gabriel did a great job with this crime drama YA novel.

“Too many people I’ve cared about have died. I guess at some point you’re willing to risk everything to protect the ones left, regardless of the cost.”

From the very start you are thrown into suspense. Every Stolen Breath starts two years after Lia’s father is attacked and killed by The Swarm – a murderous flash mob. Lia is determined to investigate and bring justice for her family and others who have fallen victim to the attacks. She knows there is more to them and they are not done contrary to what people are being told. She’s done her research… she’s willing to be caught in the chaos and stalk them as they stalk others. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING is stopping her. Justice will be served. But as you know with any good thriller – there must be twists and turns and anxiety building pieces throughout. This book does NOT fall short. You’ll find yourself staying up late to try to learn more and waking up thinking “man… what’s going to happen?”

And the TITLE leads to so much more as well. Lia was a premature baby with asthma, and Every Stolen Breath is symbolic that she has lived on “stolen breaths” since she was born. She’s got a story, she’s solving a story, there is a story behind The Swarm … This book is an easy read, and ends up being a fast read because it sucks you in. There were points my heart started to race and I felt pure intense emotion right away in the very first chapter – and it just keeps up from there. Read it – and WELCOME Kimberly.

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