June/July 2015 Staff Picks


I was late to the game in reading Wool, widely written about as one of the most successful self-published books, but count me as a huge fan. I was completely transported by Howey’s imaginative sci-fi world and cared deeply for his complicated, well-drawn characters. Once you’re hooked you’ll want to read the entire Silo series. And look for the Ridley Scott-directed film adaptation of Wool
coming in 2016. 

—Margaret Brown

Wool by Hugh Howey, Simon and Schuster, http://simonandschuster.com.

The Accidental Art Thief

When the elderly artist she has been caring for for 25 years dies, Zinc must find not only a new place to live but a new way of living. Set in Albuquerque, where the author lives, this charming novel has interesting characters and is filled with lots of local color. Readers will find themselves cheering for Zinc and wondering what will become of the painting stolen by the “accidental art thief.” 

—Anna Nair

The Accidental Art Thief by Joan Schweighardt, Paladin Timeless Books, http://paladintimelessbooks.com.

Altitude Sickness

In this short memoir, Dremousis tells the story of her losing her longtime friend and sometimes lover Neal, an avid rock and mountain climber who died in a climbing accident. Her prose is honest and devastating, yet often funny. She delves into the psyche of people drawn to high-risk sports, weighing her support for Neal’s passion against her anger.  I want to track down more of Dremousis’ writing after reading Altitude

—Ben Minton

Altitude Sickness by Litsa Dremousis, Instant Future, http://thisisinstantfuture.com.

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