Review: Allusion BY Andi Hyldahl

One thing is certain, Andi Hyldahl’s writing is fun and refreshing!

Allusion is the perfect mix of suspense, wit, and charm. The story line is simply clever and the character development is to die for!

There are authors who can suck you into the story line and there are authors who can make you fall in love with the characters, then there is Andi Hyldahl who can do both.

Andi Hyldahl is definitely an author to watch out for! Can’t wait for what she brings us next!

About The Book: 

Every year, an anonymous gift is left on eighteen-year-old Lucy’s porch. It’s the only gift she receives all year, and it’s exactly what she needs. 

This year’s gift exposes hidden clues, untangling the undisclosed fates of her parents. Along the way, she finds Toph, a college athlete who’s easy on the eyes and deems to be more useful than suspected.

With the help of her best friend Art, a chemistry genius who resides at the nursing home where she’s employed, she delves into an impossible mission for truth, love, and freedom.

About The Author

Andi Hyldahl 

Andi Hyldahl is a graduate of Utah State University with a degree in nursing. As much as she loves poking limbs and passing meds, her creative beast escapes during the quiet hours of night shifts, where she dreams up stories and scribbles plots in the margins of her Drug Dosages book. Andi lives in Northern Utah with her favorite people, her husband Scotty and four kids. 

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