Indie Review: The Man Who Loved His Wife by Jennifer Anne Moses

Indie Review: The Man Who Loved His Wife by Jennifer Anne Moses

Character Voices and The Secrets They Tell

Jennifer Anne Moses’ has mastered the art of character voice. Everyone in her anthology The Man Who Loved His Wife is distinctly his or her own person. And the characters speak to you as you read, as if you’re in the middle of this interesting conversation about careers or food or relationships, and you can hear them. You can hear their nasally voices, their hiccuping cries, their disdainful mutters.

Trust me when I say you’ll love Esther. You will.

As I read this collection, I looked for the themes and the golden thread throughout. There is a strong sense of Jewish family culture and forgiveness. Some of the families have secrets and the author immerses readers in them until you feel like you’re on stage with them. You’re there in the building in the city wondering who else knows your business. You’re one of the students hearing rumors about the teacher. You’re consoling your mother who just wants you to be happy and find love.

Moses is a storyteller and conversationalist combined. Her collection is theatrical and bold. She has a way of taking ordinary life events and transforming them into these peculiar moments that readers will remember long after they’ve closed the book.

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Article originally Published in the February / March 2021 Issue: Young Adult.

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