Books in Review: No Hiding in Boise by Kim Hooper

No Hiding in Boise

Trust is hard to come by when the potholes are filled with secrets.

I’ve never been to Boise. I’m pretty sure, after reading Kim Hooper’s novel, I don’t want to go. You seriously can’t hide in Boise. Who knew? No one is who you think they are, confrontation is hard to come by, and you might fall face first into a plot twist. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The characters in this book are great. They’re a group of misfits connected by geography and one tragic event. Was it a random event? Maybe, but looks can deceive. It was the ordinary in this novel that made the storyline so extraordinary. You can be an average Joe, a new mom, a guy trying to figure out life as a dad, or a college student striving for independence, and life can still happen to you.

It’s ironic, the parts of the book that suspended my disbelief vs. those that didn’t. I found the forgiveness displayed by some characters to be authentic, while the disconnect that others showed to be less so. But, in every chapter, and in every POV, I was there. Hooper gives the grand tour of Boise and dares you to think life can’t happen to you.

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