The Gnat & Corky Series

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The Gnat & Corky Series.

A child who may go blind. A big sister who is a light catcher for her brother with special needs. A boy from the Philippines who started the Happy Animals Club. These are a few of the stories in the Gnat & Corky series that celebrates the spirit of children: all colors, all creeds, all abilities. 

Gnat & Corky are an illustrator and author duo who interview real kids and, from those interviews, create stories reflecting the spirits of those kids. Each story is filled with whimsical watercolor illustrations and real characters with messages that teach, inspire, and spread acceptance, laughter, and understanding. 

The second book in the series, Ken the Keeper, is about Ken, a real kid in the Philippines who started his own no-kill animal shelter, the Happy Animals Club, when he was only nine years old. Now, with help from supporters around the globe, Ken continues to save animals and give them care until they are adopted and wants to share love for all creatures great and small. 

Gnat & Corky have published four books in their series so far. All of Gnat & Corky books have been translated into Spanish and are available as audiobooks, and Will It is available in braille. You can find their books on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and

Addison the Light Catcher

Listen to Addison tell the story of her super-duper light catcher, which she made when her brother with special needs was born so she could catch his light and share it with the world. This story about love, admiration, and the special bond between siblings sheds light on the power of advocacy and the magic inside of everyone.

Ken the Keeper

Ken is a real kid that loves animals so much he started The Happy Animals Club, a no-kill animal shelter that cares for all living creatures until they are ready to be set free. With donations from people all around the world, Ken rescues thousands of animals each year. Ken the Keeper shines a light on the power of helping the helpless. Be a Keeper!

Will It

This is a story of bravery, courage, and the power we all have within us to overcome our greatest fears and doubts. Will has Bardet-Biedl syndrome, which causes retinal degeneration and may eventually render him blind. This doesn’t define Will or prevent him from doing anything he dreams. We can all learn a lesson from him to face the world as we are, with a brave heart, bold spirit, and wicked sense of humor.

From Malena with Love

What would the world be like without love? Birds couldn’t fly. A dark gray would take over and all the creatures and people would lose their color. This is what happens one day when Malena wakes up. She discovers that love has left the world, and as sadness takes her over, she starts to lose her color. Malena makes a choice to try to bring love back. Will she save the world?

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Article originally Published in the October/November 2019 Issue “Read Global”

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