Excerpt: The Seduction of Paradise by Kevin J. Ward

About the Book:

People live in small, quiet towns because they enjoy the simple life. But sometimes these quiet little communities are the perfect venue for those with much more sinister motives. In The Seduction of Paradise, Joe McGowen and his family run head-on into the corruption and deceit one would only expect in the dark underworld of large cities.

Who could have known this seemingly idealistic life was little more than a façade? Who could have known that a common man like Joe McGowen would be called upon to act with uncommon strength to protect the town and people he loved?

Joe discovers that not even his blissful town of Paradise is immune to the seductive nature of money and power. But Joe also discovers there are some who will not be seduced at any price.

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Featured in Feb/Mar 2017 Issue: Crossover Edition

“The situation is not beyond repair,” the woman said. “It’s too late to find a new location. It’s Paradise or nowhere. But Salvo is right about one thing: there can be no more killings. You are the one who is supposed to be in charge up there.”

“Wait just a minute, Thompson. I think I’ve done a pretty good job. The problem is with the damn Jamaicans. Their answer to everything is to shoot somebody. Salvo should have left them in Miami and let me handle this alone.”

Joe listened with horror from his concealed spot just around the corner.  Every muscle in His body stiffened with tension as the recognition of Thompson’s name sent fear bolting down his spine like lightning. Cool droplets of perspiration formed on his entire body almost immediately. Thompson, he thought. Special Agent Thompson from the FBI, whom he called after seeing Spencer murdered, was a woman. The coincidence was too great. This must be that same person. But if that were true, everything took on a whole new perspective. Things were not at all as he had thought. It was not the case that the FBI did not believe him but that they were involved. And since Joe had called this Special Agent Thompson, she knew everything. That must be why he was being followed. They have known everything all along. They were just playing with Joe and his family, probably hoping to find the missing document from the package.

What else was different from what he had previously believed? Was Beth really a spy too? Maybe they convinced her to try and win Joe over. My God, he thought. His family was back there, totally defenseless. And then the most terrifying part of all: even if he was able to get incriminating evidence, who could he give it to? The hole he was in kept getting deeper and deeper, and now, for the first time, he truly believed there was no way out.

“What about Hoffman? Does Salvo know yet?” Thompson asked.

“He knows he was killed, but he doesn’t know he turned up at McGowen’s,” Capsner said.

Joe’s eyes grew wide in horror. He felt his body begin to tremble, and only with supreme effort could he get himself under control. How did they know? he thought. There must have been more than one shadow.

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