Excerpt: Fate: A New Beginning by Kennis Anthony

About the Book:

Fate: A New Beginning is a revision of an original work titled Fate: The Beginning. The original work lacked appealing cover artwork, a catching opening and most importantly, professional editing. These issues have been corrected but the basic story remains the same. As the title suggest, A New Beginning is exactly what happens to Eric Miller and Dr. Erica Myers. Born in a society that did not tolerate interracial relationships, fate preserved their love for each other until a day they could begin anew. After decades of separation, Dr. Erica Myers recognizes Eric Miller almost immediately though it takes Eric Miller somewhat longer to identify her. This story is set in the midst of an inaugural journey to the edge of the galaxy where Eric Miller and Dr. Erica Myers struggle to make a decision that could either destroy or preserve our planet. Before they can embrace their feelings they must overcome personal battles; Dr. Erica Myers issues with her parents and Eric Millers issues with his faith. And if this was not enough, they must battle a formidable enemy determined to gain control of their work. As a deacon in the church, Eric Miller’s desire is to spread God’s word. He is unaware that a seed he has planted was watered and is taking root. Unfortunately Eric Miller’s beliefs cause Dr. Myers to question whether he really loves her. In the end, will their love for each other outweigh their personal beliefs? Will Eric Miller get an opportunity to witness the flower sprouted from his seed? You’re sure to enjoy this delightful and intriguing story.

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Featured in April/May 2017 Issue: The Eighties

George closes down his station and assists Dr. Myers with Eric before retiring to his quarters. Dr. Myers wants them to get at least eight hours sleep. She has second thoughts about informing Houston of their situation. Hyper travel delays the signal reaching Earth and she hopes that the issues will subside with rest. She does, nevertheless, make a journal entry in her personal log, noting that without any substantial evidence, Eric Miller seems stressed about continuing on this present course. She also notes that she believes the name of the ship might have some psychological bearing on Eric Millers mental state.

Inconspicuously getting the flight director’s attention, one of the engineers monitoring the trajectory and flight of the spacecraft whispers to David Veil that there is something he should see. He nervously points to a large, dark and rapidly growing phenomena, totally absence of stars, and headed right for earth. He further explains that it seems to be emanating from the last known position of the Argo Navis. David Veil asks if there was an equipment malfunction for which the engineer emphatically denied. General Westbrook joins them just as the engineer confirms NORAD and other deep space monitoring agencies are reporting the same occurrences. Before General Westbrook could ask, the engineer looks at him and adds that NORAD estimates the anomaly will overtake the planet in roughly nine hours. 

 “Get me the President, son,” orders General Westbrook.

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