Excerpt: Conversations With an Angel Named Bill by Michael Hanian

About the Book:

One day Max, a young idler who drifts along his tedious and uneventful life, meets Bill, an angel on an undisclosed assignment. They start a series of conversations covering a variety of issues. Gradually, these sessions develop into a friendship. Being an angel, Bill is capable of analyzing intricate situations and offering infallible solutions, but his talents are greatly limited when it comes to love.

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Featured in Dec/Jan 2017 Issue: 2016 Best Indie Book Competition Winners

…You can easily imagine my surprise then, when I perceived another figure striding beside me, in perfect cadence with my own steps. Since at the moment I became cognizant of the stranger’s presence we were already far removed from the sole functioning light, I was unable to discern his features, glimpsing only a dark cloak and a wide-brimmed hat. 

“I have an aversion to intrigue,” noted the stranger without slowing his step, “I dislike preludes and comments about the weather. Allow me to introduce myself—I am an angel.” 


“An angel. From there. From above.” 

“Excuse me sir, but are you…”

“Let us eschew formalities.”

“Alright…” I mumbled, after which my companion fell silent, evidently giving me time to collect myself.  This was in fact a necessary respite. During this time, I struggled to recall the hotline for the Night Brothers, who are said to help those who have gone off their rocker. Try as I might I could not remember the number, but I repeated last year’s mantra in my head instead, and completed a breathing exercise “For General Stress Relief.” This ‘auto-training’ had a soothing effect on my sensitive temperament. Regaining my self-possession, I decided to yield to circumstance and see what would come of it. Perhaps sensing some favourable turn of thought within me, the stranger continued:

“Let us become acquainted—Bill”


“That’s better, Max. We will have enough problems as it is.”

“As what is?”

“Without overcomplicating our communication with needless formalities.”


“I hope this is not our final conversation.”

“But why me?”

“Why not?”

“But Mr.…Bill, you have not answered my question.”

“You will understand later. There is a time for all things.”

“Forgive me Bill, but I am…an educated man, and…how do I say this politely…”

“You don’t believe in angels.”

“Something like that.”

“Then don’t. I am not forcing you to. In fact, if it makes it any easier for you, forget what I said earlier. Let’s just talk. Didn’t you complain that you had no one to talk to?”

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