Book Mom: Gossip Girl Reboot — Talk About Summer Reads.

By Megan Lord


I am the mother of an adventurous and exhausting but amazing toddler boy that runs my life. I spend a ridiculous amount of time reading mind numbing children’s books over and over again because he has his select favorites… But when I do get time to read (or listen) I love reading and listening to a variety of genres. I get the most time to indulge in books of my choice during what I like to call “wind-down baths” once a week.

The teenager in me is ignited with excitement! 

With the popular Gossip Girl TV Series getting a reboot and the new season dropping July 8, 2021, I am taken back to summers spent reading those books!

2005 – I had a driver’s license and a summer babysitting gig my summer from 16 to 17 years old (July Birthday). I was left money and allowed to bring the girls I babysat fun places during the day. We did this little small-town hidden gem of a beach with active lifeguards on duty and an everyone knows everyone/everyone kind of watches everyone vibe A LOT. The girls would play in the sand or sit at the edge of the water chatting with their friends for hours while I read the Gossip Girl Series by Cecily von Ziegesar. I’m a fairly slow reader and easily distracted, but l got through probably five or six of the books that summer. 

2006 – My 17/18-year-old summer, mom was given the opportunity to spend a few months in Los Angeles for work. She invited me and my older brother to join her at the apartment she was staying at for a few weeks. The gated apartment complex she was placed in by her work was AMAZING. My brother and I would spend our days relaxing by the pool while mom worked, and you guessed it, I found myself reading more of the Gossip Girl Series. A few days into our stay, I found out that the child actress that played Bailey (Jenna Boyd) in the movie The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants was also staying somewhere in that apartment community. I spent everyday keeping my eye out in hopes to see her – and then one day at the pool I did! I didn’t approach her or say anything to her – I just got all giddy knowing I had seen a “celebrity” casually at a pool at the apartment complex I was staying at temporarily with my mom. 

2007 – Gossip Girl TV Series comes out! And I am HOOKED! I’ve now read all the books that are out and I’m just a fanatic. 

2008 – My mom gets an opportunity to stay at those apartments for work again – and guess who volunteers to go visit and spend some time there again? ME! Of course. One of my mom’s co-workers tells me upon arrival that Ed Westwick, who plays Chuck Bass on the Gossip Girl TV Series, is also currently staying at those apartments temporarily and she saw him a couple nights prior in the hot tub. WHAT?! So of course, I spend my days at the pool watching and hoping, and my evenings by the pool/hot tub just praying it’s true and he makes an appearance.


He showed up to the hot tub on one of my final evenings there with some what I assume to be friends, smoking a cigar. I’m starstruck and embarrassed that I’m at the pool with my mom secretly celeb stalking. So again, I don’t approach – I just excitedly and nervously watch from a distance. He probably didn’t even register our presence by the pool that evening. But I know I saw him in a real life setting and I stayed at the same complex – and that’s enough to fulfill my Gossip Girl Fanatic without being a complete psycho about it. At the airport when getting ready to go home, you know if you’re a book lover you can’t help but to browse the books for sale, and I come across a Gossip Girl Series Spin off: Gossip Girl: The Carlyles – and yup, my addiction didn’t have to wait until the next book of the original Gossip Girl series would be released the following year. 

(Side Note – comedian Andy Dick was also staying at those apartments and although I did not personally get a sighting, one of my mom’s coworker was staying in the apartment beneath him and he would joke and play fun games with her daughter from his balcony and that little 4-year-old girl would talk about “Andy that lives above us is so fun, he’s my friend” in the most innocent and fun way!)

Anyways – back to books – GOSSIP GIRL BOOK SERIES – if you loved the show – if you’re as excited about the reboot as I am – and you have NOT read the books – and you’re still a YA lover like me – it’s worth getting the boxed set! And if you have a teenage daughter or girl in your life that loves to read YA, introduce her to this book series and watch her summer get whisked away into reading! I might just have revisit these books myself sometime if I ever get the time

Article originally published in the August / September 2021 Issue: Summer Reads.

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