Review: The Wall

The Wall

By Max Annas (Author), Rachel Hildebrandt Reynolds (Translator) 

Set in Africa, The Wall takes off in a sprint when a young man goes searching for help in the wrong place at the wrong time and finds himself stuck on the inside of a gated community running from a crime he didn’t commit. The story takes place over just two short hours – filled with twists and turns and non-stop chases along the way. 

The Wall is an intense thriller, with second-by-second near misses. The Wall is an exploration of racial profiling, class, exclusion, and chance.  

About The Book

Moses wants one thing: to get home, where his girlfriend and a cold beer are waiting for him. But his car breaks down on an empty street, not a single human being in sight. Moses slips into The Pines, a gated community, in hopes to find help from a university classmate who lives there. Over there, in the “white” world, everything seems calm, orderly, safe. But once inside, he feels like more of an outsider than ever. And he makes a terrible mistake.

Mistaken identities, racial profiling, and class politics form the backdrop of this intense thriller. The Wall tackles the issues of gun violence, racism, and exclusion in contemporary South Africa – problems that are equally relevant in the United States.

About The Author:

Max Annas is the author of fictional and non-fictional books. Before writing novels he was working as a journalist and published on food production, right wing youth culture and philosophy. A renowned film critic, his first novel, The Farm, is currently under film production in South Africa. 

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Article originally Published in the October/November 2019 Issue “Read Global”

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