Review: H2O by Virginia Bergin


by Virginia Bergin

What to read next in YA dystopian fiction? Our intrepid fangirl Sarah Kloth reviews some of her favorites. 


H20 is a story about killer rain. Killer rain that comes with no warning. What if one day out of nowhere all the rain and water—including water from the sink, the water in the toilet, etc.—is all poison and just one drop will kill you. Imagine how fast everyone would die without any warning. That is what Ruby has to face in H20—deadly rain and deadly water, with no explanation why. H2O is up there with my favorite books of all times. Ruby battles an unknown threat, but unlike your typical dystopian heroine, Ruby is a normal 15-year-old who makes some stupid life-threatening decisions and gets lucky. Throughout the book, Ruby finds herself alone, and instead of making great choices on the path to safety, Ruby fumbles her way through life. 

The entire time I was reading this book I was wondering how Ruby, or anyone, has survived so long without taking a shower. But Ruby handles all challenges with a good humor that really endeared her to me. 

Side note: One entire chapter is devoted to Ruby breaking into houses freeing all the animals (who for some reason are unaffected by the killer rain and water). So I think we all need to take a moment and really appreciate Ruby—when the world is ending, she still takes time to free the animals.

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