Review: From The Shadows

From The Shadows

By  Juan José Millás (Author), Thomas Bunstead (Translator), Daniel Hahn (Translator)

From The Shadows is incredibly strange, truly bizarre – one of the most original stories. Written in the form of a talk show makes it a nice light, simple read whose story flows from one chapter to the next making it impossible to put down.  

After a petty theft of a tie clip, a man finds himself hiding in an antique wardrobe to avoid the police looking for him. As the store closes, the wardrobe is delivered to a family with the man still inside. Rather quietly leave their house when the opportunity arises, the man ends up living in their house, unseen and unnoticed, hiding in the wardrobe at night and acting as a butler cleaning and fixing things around the house during the day. 

About The Book 

Laid off from his job, Damián Lobo obsessively imagines himself as a celebrity being interviewed on TV. After committing an act of petty theft at an antiques market, he finds himself trapped inside a wardrobe and delivered to the seemingly idyllic home of a husband, wife, and their internet-addicted teenage daughter. There, he sneaks from the shadows to serve as an invisible butler, becoming deeply and disastrously involved with his unknowing host family.

About The Author

Juan José Millás is the recipient of Spain’s most prestigious literary prizes: the Premio Nadal, Premio Planeta, and Premio Nacional de Narrativa. A regular contributor to El País, Millás has also won many awards for his journalism. He is the author of several short story collections and works of nonfiction as well as over a dozen novels, including From the Shadows, the first of his novels to be published in North America. He lives in Madrid.

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Article originally Published in the October/November 2019 Issue “Read Global”

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