Review: Down in the Belly of The Whale

Down in the Belly of the Whale by Kelley Kay Bowles

Down in the Belly of a Whale is sometimes hilarious, sometimes sad, but always real.

Down in the Belly of a Whale opens with Harper who believes she is something called a changeling – a creature switched at birth because someone wants the child more than the creature. She believes she is that creature. Why? Harper struggles to fit in with her family and fails to see the beauty in herself. Something that we all feel at one point – alone.

Harper believes she can sense when people are going to get sick – her nose itches, she starts to sneeze, or her body reacts in some bizarre way. So why couldn’t she sense her friend’s depression or her mother’s health crisis?

Harper’s character is quirky and witty, yet still grounded and full of truth. Harper is navigating the bottle of emotions that comes with high school while also juggling major life changes with her family and friends. Through it all though, she is smart, funny, compassionate, and most of all loyal. Through her quirkiness and wit, she finds the strength to move forward.

Down in the Belly of a Whale is a must read for all. If you like cleverly sarcastic humor – the stuff no one else ever seems to think is freakin’ hilarious – you will love Harper and her story.

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