Indie Review: Maggie: A Journey of Love, Loss and Survival

Indie Review: Maggie: A Journey of Love, Loss and Survival

The Hand a Woman’s Dealt

Author, Vicki Tapia, takes the reader on a journey of women’s rights from 1887 to 1941 using her great-great grandmother as the vessel through which she sheds light on the history of women’s rights. Maggie: A Journey of Love, Loss and Survival is a book of sheer grit and determination. With the dream of marriage and children, Maggie becomes smitten with the first man who shows her attention. Headstrong, she eschews her mother’s words of warning and remains patient as she waits for Sam to ask for her hand in marriage. Along the way she dismisses every red flag that forewarns of her life to come.

Whether she’s fighting for her rights in marital conflict or birthing Sam’s children, Maggie also deals with her first family’s losses, loves, and dynamics. Nothing in her life comes easy and though the losses are too many to count, Maggie never quits. Married and divorced thrice, a business woman, mother, sister, daughter, and friend, Maggie’s story gutted me. She began her journey as a flighty, stubborn young woman determined to prove to the world that she was capable of being loved. By the end, she’s proved herself a mature pioneer capable of demonstrating a fierce strength and unconditional love for herself.

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Article originally Published in the August/September 2020 Issue The Historic Edition.

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