Indie Review: Knee Deep by Karol Hoeffner

Indie Review: Knee Deep by Karol Hoeffner

indie review knee deepA Teenage Love Story in the Heart of a Hurricane

Camille Darveau knows what she wants for her sixteenth birthday–an elaborate bash on New Orleans’ magical Twelfth Night–the perfect backdrop for love.

But Hurricane Katrina changes everything when Antoine doesn’t arrive at the safe house and all efforts to locate him end in failure.

Told from Camille’s first person point of view, she employs a late voodoo queen, and her best friends, Beano and Gina, in her mission to keep Antoine from permanently crossing into the afterlife. While her progressive parents remain oblivious, Camille engages in a variety of daredevil acts to keep her heart from breaking. Drawing on New Orleans’ magic and Camille’s youthful invincibility, the author moves the plot forward with the same reckless abandon Camille displays to get what she wants.

Camille must decide whether she’ll let Antoine rest easy or continue to conjure his spirit into a reluctant host body. Her friends are on the brink of severing ties with Camille and her only chance at reconciliation rests on another party on another Twelfth Night. Will she let them go for her last chance at love? Set deep in the bayou along the French Quarter the author explores love, life, and letting go through the eyes of a lovesick teenage girl.

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Article originally Published in the June/July 2020 Issue Summer Reads Edition.

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