Indie Review: I am Mrs. Jesse James

Indie Review: I am Mrs. Jesse James

A Marriage of Constants

There are two constants in Pat Wahler’s novel I am Mrs. Jesse James: love and revenge. It’s difficult to imagine a marriage withstanding such opposites, yet there’s Zee James loving her husband through injury, giving him children, and traipsing across the country at his insistence. Her husband, the infamous Jesse James, was stubborn, a devoted believer in the Union. His righteous indignation is an ever-burning fire that can’t be extinguished. Money, travel, children, nor the love of his wife satisfied his need to exact revenge on others.

Author Pat Wahler provides readers with an emotionally gripping tale about one renowned man’s unknown wife with rich scenes, authentic characters, and a female MC that you can’t get enough of. I wanted to hug Zee and cheer for her devotion to her family. I also wanted to throttle her for not thinking more of herself and the life she could have had if she’d believed in herself enough as a strong, single woman. I am Mrs. Jesse James is love and hate in a single set of wedding vows that leaves you gutted for the family that a war unraveled–the kind of book that makes you look backward on your own family history for the little known gems that have made you who you are.

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Article originally Published in the August/September 2020 Issue The Historic Edition.

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