Book Review: Tornado Season

Prepare to Be Taken to New, Uncharted Places in Your Mind

Courtney Craggett’s vivid imagination will take you to strange and unusual places, but there also is a thread of familiarity that runs through her stories.

Kansas Before Oz and Statue provide an escape from reality into a world of fantasy, while Donation and Astromorphosis push fantasy into the macabre. Located in either Texas or Mexico, or both,

Craggett’s stories bring to life raw subjects similar to what you might read in today’s headlines, such as the daily struggles of the undocumented immigrant and the sacrifices they make to find a better life; the fear and guilt that envelops a household dealing with domestic violence; the loss of a child; the abandonment of a parent, and the struggles of mental illness.

Tornado Season paints a picture of how vulnerable a community can be when climate change and global warming cause extreme weather conditions. Craggett’s stories open a window into the minds of her characters so you can see life’s experiences from someone else’s point of view.

About The Author

Courtney Craggett holds a PhD in English with specializations in creative writing and multi-ethnic American literature from the University of North Texas, where she taught English and served as the American Literary Review’s Assistant Fiction Editor. Her short stories appear in The Pinch, Mid-American Review, Washington Square Review, Booth, Juked, Word Riot, and Monkeybicycle, among others, and were featured on Ploughshares’ blog.

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Article originally Published in the February/March 2020 Issue “Short Stories”

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