Poetry: Rue by Melissa Bull


by Melissa Bull

Plastic strips sluice up and down December beams

string against the white parchment

the mismatched chairs the buckwheat pancakes

while blinds stripe light

on white and whiter white. 

It is too cold for snow. 

The day’s low sun feeds pale

slights through blinds in ribbons stripes

the cold apartment the mismatched chairs. 

To lie along the floor and warm

with pairs or plaited lights

to colour pairs to dapple cooler white

to curl against the strikes of light

that feeble fade and dusk.

To curl against the stripes of light

Till we are grey with dusk and night. 

From Rue: Poems by Melissa Bull, Anvil Press, anvilpress.com. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved. 

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