Poetry: Lisa Williams, Author of Gazelle in the House.

“Gazelle in the House”

by Lisa Williams

A gazelle in the house means tender, breaking

silence. An approach calibrating hesitation. Something

held out in the hand. Something bitter, exactly toward

a gazelle. You will bring things forward that are not

of your world. You will push things back that seemed

massive, fundamental—packed away, out of the path

of a gazelle. Rooms must be cleared for the strands

of her shadow, a thin frame on white walls. Let a gazelle

determine it all. Enclosure means trespass. What looks open

is. No thoughtless clarity. No space she cannot step

into, butt to the width of her animal

need. She will stray. Like a clock, her hooves mark

crooked shifts on your floor. Her ears

quake like tuned strings. 

From Gazelle in the House by Lisa Williams, New Issues Poetry & Prose. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved. 

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