Poetry: Leonard Nimoy

You and I have Learned

by Leonard Nimoy

You and I

have learned

The song of love,

and we sing it well

The song is ageless

Passed on

Heart to heart

By those

Who have seen

What we see

And known

What we know

And lovers who have

Sung before

Our love is ours

To have


To share

The miracle is this

The more we share…

The more

We have

Pictures of You

by Leonard Nimoy

You’re surrounded by pictures of you.

Here you are so young and handsome

Here you are with a wife or two

Here you are, so happy and then some

Surrounded by pictures of you.

Your walls are covered

No more space

Too bad, you’re such a pretty face

And so adored

Do you ever get bored

Looking at pictures of you?

You’re hit with a spotlight from above

Your fans are screaming words of love

You’re always so busy

Don’t you get  dizzy

Looking at pictures of you?

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