Poetry: Jeff Steudel Author of Foreign Park

Expanding the Community Garden

by Jeff Steudel

Kale raised in cedar boxes between the SkyTrain

pillars. The propinquity of corn along boulevards.

A dream of zero emissions for the wheat leaning

beside highways. And from the rooftops, fields

next to airstrips. Golf courses. Freedom Space

Station Grow-ops and the back of a Dodge Ram.

Bush beans between parking plazas. Schoolyard

potatoes and pumpkins. More food and flowers

for Hastings Street. Bees on the block. Biosphere 

plums on university farms. Apple trees espaliered

beside bike lanes. Carrot bins behind bus stops. 

Backyard chickens. The alley where I planted 

the raspberries two years ago. They were picked

while I slept. 

From Foreign Park: Poems by Jeff Steudel, Anvil Press, anvilpess.com. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved. 

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