Interview: Laura Lyster-Mensh: Our Better Half


Podster Magazine Best Undiscovered Podcast Competition

“An easily amused but smart podcast about sex over 50.” We talked to host Laura Lyster-Mensh.

Podster: What is the premise of your podcast?

Laura Lyster-Mensh: A middle-aged prude starts asking questions about sex in the “second half” of life and meets a fascinating cast of characters along the way. It’s modern sex for classic bodies, with appropriate blushing.

Podster: How do you go about selecting guests?

Laura: It has to be surprising and fun. I’m less interested in guests being famous or promoting their careers than I am delighting the audience. So, if you are a 50-something vulva ventriloquist, you’re in. If you are a urologist who brags he’s seen enough penises to fill a football stadium, I am all ears. 

Podster: What do you hope your listeners will take away from your podcast?

Laura: That we have to keep asking questions, and that being a prude isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Prudes have sex, too, and people may not TALK about sex over 50 but that doesn’t mean they aren’t doing it, and can’t learn anything. 

Laura listens to: 

My favorites are: Audacity to Podcast, Hidden Brain, Life on the Swingset, and You Must Remember This!

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