Interview: Kaylin McFarren Author of Banished Threads

Shelf Unbound: Your main characters Rachel Lyons and Chase Cohen try to solve the mystery of the theft of a valuable collection of paintings from her uncle’s art gallery. Having owned your own gallery for several years you know this world well. Has this plot line been in your head since you were in the gallery world?

Kaylin McFarren: Yes, it has! Another gallery located near my former gallery was involved in a robbery involving a half million dollars worth of art a few years ago. However, it turned out the owner had staged it all due to financial issues and was forced to face charges when an insurance investigator determined the truth. I always thought there was an interesting story angle tucked in there somewhere that I could use one day.

Shelf Unbound: Banished Threads is a complex thriller with multiple plot lines. How do you organize all of the different elements as you write?

McFarren: It’s definitely a challenge, but somehow I manage to keep it all straight in my brain. It also seems to help when I use one of my social media sites, Pinterest, where I have a board for each of my books. Since I’m basically a visual person, I enjoy seeing my characters and the situations they’re going to encounter before I buckle down and start writing.

Shelf Unbound: Tell us about Rachel and Chase
and about how you created them.

McFarren: Rachel Lyons is an attractive former marine biologist, who has faced tremendous challenges in her life. Her mother ran off when she was young, her father died in a mysterious diving accident, and her lover, Chase Cohen, left town when she needed him most. She’s back with him now but she still struggles with trust issues. Chase is a handsome, rugged and determined treasure-hunter who came close to facing financial ruin and truly owes Rachel for turning his life around, in more ways than one. He loves her unconditionally but finds himself doubting her devotion and loyalty – which stirs his jealous nature. They’re complex, three-dimensional characters that bring out the best and worst in each other; however, they’re perfectly matched when faced with challenges and personal threats. 

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