PPM020: Building A Podcast: Global Niche Audience With Digital Magazine Publisher Margaret Brown

Featured on Power Marketing Podcast

Today on the podcast power marketing podcast, we’re talking with Margaret Brown, founder and publisher of Shelf Media, which publishes a number of digital only magazines, and the Shelf Media podcast.

Margaret oversees global niche audience digital magazines such as Shelf Unbound which features the best of small press and independent books, Middle Shelf which curates the best new cool reads for kids, and the latest addition to Shelf Media’s publishing stable, Podster a magazine about podcasts and podcasters that helps listeners discover their next favorite podcast.

Over the last 5 years the digital magazines in the Shelf Media Group’s portfolio have grown a loyal circulation of over 425,000 readers worldwide and that’s still growing every day.

So on today’s show, Margaret tells us about the phenomenal growth of the digital magazine world and more about the Shelf Media Group’s publications, particularly Podster, which I’m sure our listeners will be keen to hear more about!


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