Interview: Kip Clark: Stride & Saunter


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“Every week, we take a deep look at a topic concerning our humanity, our world and how we think about both.” We talked to host Kip Clark.

Podster: What is the premise of your podcast?

Kip Clark: Stride & Saunter is designed to challenge the way people think about humanity and the world we inhabit. This involves discussing some sensitive topics tied to firm beliefs but also “mundane” topics which we feel are actually fascinating under the proper consideration. Just as Roman Mars, Ira Glass and Megan Tan have sparked better understanding of design, captivating stories and the Millennial generation respectively, we seek to cultivate a more thorough appreciation of the thought process. Our purpose is to provide a healthy space for more considerate and genuine discourse which highlights the beautiful, confusing and sometimes challenging aspects of humanity.

Podster: How do you go about selecting guests?

Kip: We started this podcast in college, so we have approached guests who were classmates, peers and friends with interesting viewpoints and articulate opinions. We request discussions on the basis of nuanced ideas and communicative ability. What we lack in name recognition or professional expertise of our guests, we make up for in insight, clarity and intellectual honesty. Regarding topics, I keep a running list of notes when I notice certain behavior, attitudes or perspectives which fascinate me. As I suspect longtime listeners would agree, the process of finding topics (and by extension, our episodes) has become more precise over time. With practice and consistent attempts to develop a critical eye for even the most minute social habit, underlying wisdom is waiting to be put into words. If a topic is particularly relevant, we try to discuss it in a timely manner. Sometimes we correspond episodes with important dates or events, but otherwise we arrange episodes so that a variety of issues and ideas are discussed week to week.

Podster: What do you hope listeners will take away from your podcast?

Kip: I hope listeners come away with an appreciation for conversation as one of the most natural and widespread means of exchanging ideas. In a cultural climate where I feel being correct is often treated as sacred, anything else becomes sacrilege. But Stride & Saunter is meant to focus on the process over the product and to reveal the gradual journeys of thought which often accompany true understanding and empathy. We may continue to collectively champion “truth” as a culture, but I want listeners to know that we reach elements and moments of truth through (sometimes uncomfortable) exploration. And that avenue of conversational exploration is open to people of all backgrounds, beliefs and levels of socioeconomic status. To me, that humbling fact makes the principles of the show a natural fit for this form. Both podcasts and dialogue are free, easily accessible and often under-appreciated. What’s more, they have the capacity to connect seemingly disparate individuals and communities with one another. 

Kip listens to: 

I particularly enjoy How Do We Fix It? (Twitter: @fixitshow), In Theory (@InTheoryPod), Us & Them (@usthempodcast), Around the Table (@TheATTPodcast) and Memory Motel (@MemoryMotel). I think it’s important to consume other shows to develop your own voice, so if readers have any recommendations, I’m all ears!

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