Interview: Baxter Colburn: What’s the Score? The Sports News Quiz


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“The show that puts contestants to the test with their sports knowledge from the past week’s news,” with hosts Baxter Colburn and Josh Scheibe. We talked to Baxter about the podcast.

Podster: What is the premise of your podcast?

Baxter Colburn: What’s the Score is a weekly quiz show that covers the past week’s sports news. 

Podster: How do you go about selecting guests and contestants?

Baxter:The guests for What’s the Score are chosen from an eligible list created at the beginning of each month. Our panelists are local personalities with a Sports Media background. As for our contestants, we welcome them from anywhere on the globe. Contestants can throw their name into the hat by visiting our website (, as well as by contacting us through our Facebook and Twitter pages.  

Podster: What do you hope your listeners will take away from your podcast?

Baxter: What’s the Score is all about the personalities and engaging content we provide. We hope to foster a family, a fun community based on camaraderie and healthy competition. Our aim is for listeners to feel encouraged to participate, no matter their level of sports knowledge. 

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