2023 Top Notable Indies

Introducing our top notable titles for the 2023 Shelf Unbound Competition for Best Independently Published Book.

OF PROVIDENCE: A Lifetime Chasing Hope by Kay Carroll

Stuck in Her Head by Kylie Wang, Liana Tang

The Sins of Kings by Daniel Thomas Valente

The Corporate Lies by Donald Reichardt

Unfinished Business: Breaking Down the Great Wall Between Adult Child and Immigrant Parents by Amy C. Yip

The Ripple Effect by John L Crawley

The Mysterious Bat-Bee by C.S. Ferdinand

A Delicate Marriage by Margarita Barresi

Journey to Duncans Mills by John Michael McCarty

Law Firms and Librarians: The File of Dread by T Oliver Courtney

Bistro Nights by David Benjamin

Dead Shot by David Benjamin

The Man Who Screams at Nightfall…and other stories by Rush Leaming

Naked Came the Detective by Glendall C. Jackson III

Afterword by Nina Schuyler

Crystal of Tears by A. James

Type A Plans B by Andria Flores

Boomsters: An Unexpected Adventure by David Marks

The Stress Book: Forty-Plus Ways to Manage Stress & Enjoy Your Life by D. TERRENCE FOSTER, MD.

Murder on Federal Street: Tyrone Everett, the Black Mafia, Fixed Fights, and the Last Golden Age of Philadelphia Boxing by Sean Nam

The Girl From the Red Rose Motel by Susan Beckham Zurenda

Junk Love by Abilene Potts

Frank Dark by Stephen Massimilla

Unbroken by Trisha Bailey

Past Imperfect by Joshua R Cohen

The Zen of Dancing in the Rain: Becoming One with the Storm by Aurita Maldonado

Helena by Matt Ingwalson

Assassins Are Us by Kimberly Van Sickle

Four More Words by Aurora Stenulson

MacKenzie’s Last Run by Gayle Rosengren

Choices Meant for Gods Book 1 of the Choices Trilogy by Sandy Lender

Model Suspect, Book One of the Backyard Model Mysteries. A retired fashion model discovers “posers” in her touristy Wisconsin town by TK Sheffield

Extreme Vetting: A Thriller by Roxana Arama

Emotionally Broken by Isabel Wells

Dylan Dover: Into The Vortex by Lynne Howard

The Eyes That Bind by William Graney

The Rocking Chair Prophet by Matthew Kelly

Winds Across Beringia by Benjamin H. Barnette

When The Dust Settled Between A Rock and A Hard Place by Joe Potosi

Yesteryear by Stephen G. Eoannou

River of Ashes (St. Benedict Series #1) by Alexandrea Weis & Lucas Astor

Boy Wander – A Coming of Age Memoir by Jobert Abueva

Mothers Vol. 1 by Ben Burgess Jr.

Human by Antionette Van Der Gryp

Emptying the Nest: Getting Better at Goodbyes by Morgan Baker

Blood and Silver by Vali Benson

Construct & Vist by Anka B Troitsky

My Thousand Treasures by Licia Chenoweth

Sole Brethren: If The Shoe Fits by B.A. Summer

GOD’S EX-GIRLFRIEND: A memoir about loving and leaving the evangelical Jesus by Gloria Beth Amodeo

Elusive Links by Dan A Rosenberg

No More To Lose: Aftermath by Dr. Gregory Steinberg

The Decision to Kill: A True Crime Story of a Teenage Killer and the Mother Who Loved Him by Leslie Ghiglieri

Black Women Uninterpreted by Amanda Lafaye Wilson

The Miracle at Assisi Hill by Pat Camalliere

The Execution, Life and Times of Patrick O’Donnell by Gavin O’Donnell

WHY by Paul Eberz

CATECHISMS by James Bennetts

Rebirth by Andrew Pereira

Be the Magic – Bite Sized Nuggets of Wisdom to Feed your Joy, Nourish your Soul and Open your Heart by Diane Pienta

Parker’s Choice by Mike Nemeth

The Electi by R.E.Boucher

Coup de Grâce by Paul L. Centeno

Drink Wine and Be Beautiful by Kimberly Sullivan

Moral Fibre by Helena P. Schrader

HARVEST YOUR HAPPY: A Farm Girl’s Guide to Leading, Succeeding and Living Your Best Life by Camilla Gray-Nelson

A Trip From God Book 1 by David Grubb

Feathers of the Phoenix: The Atlantean Horse, book 1 by Cheryl Carpinello

The House In The Middle Of The Street by Jennifer Sklias-Gahan

A Portion of Malice: Ages of Malice, Book I by Lloyd Jeffries

The Midas Effect by Manuel Dorado

The Perfect Distance by Dianne May

Akashic Diaries: Detroit Degree Zero, and other crisis writings by Biba Sheikh

One Elephant Too Many by John Crawley

Of Poets and Old Men by John Crawley

Those Who Would Be King: The People’s Prince by Brent J Ludwig

This Fall: Essays on Loss and Recovery by Paul Kameen

The Yochni’s Eye by Abigail Morrison

Cultivating Sunshine by Jeremy Smith

Witch’s Gamble (The Witches of Vegas 3) by Mark Rosendorf

Witch Way to Vegas (The Witches of Vegas 4) by Mark Rosendorf

The Book of a Small Fisherman by J.R. Solonche

Manning a Raptor by AA Freda

Tiny Tin House by L Maristatter

Culver City by Brant VIckers

Collider by Chris Hejmanowski

Requiem For A Queen by Kaylin McFarren

Sage and the Crystal Bot – Telepathy Tide by S Sky, MS

My Unexpected Life: Finding Balance Beyond My Diagnosis by Jennifer Gasner

The Witchfinder’s Serpent by Rande Goodwin

The Greatest Thing (The Last Favorite’s Page: Book One) by Patti Flinn

Vagabonder by R. T. Coleman

Sarra Copia: A Locked-in Life by Nancy Ludmerer

Road to Elysium by Kay A. Oliver

The Reluctant Visionary by Datta Groover

You Promised to Do No Harm: A True Story of Love, Loss, and the Horror of Healthcare Disparity for One African-American Family by Jonnie Ramsey Brown

UNEMPLOYABLE: How I Hired Myself by Alysia Silberg

What the Light Leaves Hidden by Terry Kennedy

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Article originally Published in the December / January 2023 Issue: 2023 Indie Best Award Winners.

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