2019 Indie Best Award Notables

Shelf Media hosts the annual Shelf Unbound Best Indie Book Competition for best self-published or independently published book. In addition to prizes, the winner, finalists, long-listed, and more than 100 notable books from the competition are featured in the December/January issue of Shelf Unbound.

Notable #1
A Place Called Jubilee

by Timothy J. Garrett
Notable #2
A Thread So Fine

by Susan Welch
Notable #3
A Veil Removed

by Michelle Cox
Notable #4
Angels and Patriots

by Salina B Baker

Notable #5

by Colm Herron
Notable #6
At the crossroads

by Olfet Agrama
Notable #7
Becoming Herself

by Maureen Reid
Notable #8
Breast Cancer Meets Mindfulness Surrendering to Life

by Cheryl Wilfong

Notable #9

by Brit Lunden
Notable #10
Burning Night

by Nikki Broadwell
Notable #11
Campari Crimson

by Traci Andrighetti
Notable #12

by Karen A. Chase

Notable #13
Celebrity Cast

by Harry Groome
Notable #14
CELTIC KNOT A Clara Swift Tale

by Ann Shortell
Notable #15
Child of Dust

by Tom Wascoe
Notable #16
Confessions of a Barefaced Woman

by Allison Joseph

Notable #17
Countdown America

by M.C. Fox
Notable #18
Counting on You

by Laura Chapman
Notable #19
Cycles Of Hatred

by Linda Heavner Gerald
Notable #20
Dear John

by Linda Heavner Gerald

Notable #21

by Sophia Z. Domogala
Notable #22
Dragon Racer, Book 1

by M. R. Mathias
Notable #23
End of Lies

by Bradley West
Notable #24

by Steven M. Greenberg

Notable #25
Before We Died

by Joan Schweighardt
Notable #26
Finding James

by Nancy Blaha
Notable #27
Forged Under Fire

by Kyra Anderson
Notable #28
Gangster in our Midst

by Betty Brandt Passick

Notable #29
Gimme the Familiars

by Jessica Mehta
Notable #30
Give Them Unquiet Dreams

by James Mulhern
Notable #31
Have your wishes ready

by Jennie Tudor
Notable #32
Hitman-Baker-Casketmaker Aftermath of an American’s Clash with ICE Poems by Klecko

by Klecko

Notable #33
Janie & Blanche: How to move past your origins and not kill your Mother in the process

by Lucy Beam
Notable #34

by M.L. Hamilton
Notable #35
Just Like That: Poems, Paintings, and Practices

by Gisela Stromeyer
Notable #36
Kaurlin’s Disciples

by Michael J. Decicco

Notable #37
Killing Pat Garrett, The Wild West’s Most Famous Lawman – Murder or Self-Defense?

by David G. Thomas
Notable #38
King Here Never Too OLD, Too RICH or Too ANYTHING to Meet Jesus

by Trish Porter Topmiller
Notable #39
Late Show

by L Z Smith
Notable #40
Let me know when you’re famous, Chris!

by Chris Clark

Notable #41
Liam’s Town

by Marissa Dike
Notable #42
Light In the Mourning. Memoirs of an Undertaker’s Daughter

by Margo Lenmark
Notable #43
Lips of an Angel

by Adam Alexander
Notable #44
Living Waters From Harvard Halls to Sacred Falls

by Alissa Hirshfeld-Flores

Notable #45

by Maggie St. Claire
Notable #46
Mary Monster

by Matt Ingwalson
Notable #47
by William H. Coles
Notable #48
Me & Moe

by Michaela Johnson

Notable #49
Mother Love, Willow Lane, Book 2

by Ann McCauley
Notable #50
Mrs. Rossis Dream

by Khanh Ha
Notable #51

by Tom Glenn
Notable #52
Oh Susannah Things That Go Bump

by Carole P. Roman

Notable #53
Outlander Chronicles Pegasus

by C. H. Cobb
Notable #54
Peace in the Valley A Quest for Redemption in the Old West

by John Eric Vining with Raymond Refoen
Notable #55

by Michael Benzehabe
Notable #56
Ready for the People

by Mike Langan

Notable #57
Remembering Shanghai

by Claire Chao
Notable #58
Renegade Pawn

by Craig S. Wilson
Notable #59

by Judith Deborah
Notable #60
Saint Illuminator’s Daughter

by Michael Ippen

Notable #61
Saturday’s Child

by Deborah Burns
Notable #62
Seduction of a Wanton Dreamer

by Richard Beeson
Notable #63
Sensitive My Journey through a Toxic World

by Pookie Sekmet
Notable #64
SHACKLED A Journey From Political Imprisonment To Freedom

by Adam Siddiq

Notable #65
Shadows Falling

by Carmen
Notable #66
Sister of Saidnaya

by Rose Ann Kalister
Notable #67
Skin deep

by JW Grodt
Notable #68
Skinny House

by Julie L. Seely

Notable #69
Soar! …Loser

by Ross A. Phelps
Notable #70
Spirit of Gonzales

by Betsy Wagner
Notable #71
Stone of Matter

by B.L. Barkey
Notable #72

by Janice Hisle

Notable #73
The Arch

by Gary Crask
Notable #74
The Code Hunters – A Nicholas Foxe Adventure

by Jackson Coppley
Notable #75
The Emancipation of Evan Walls

by Jeffrey Blount
Notable #76
The Dark Web Murders

by Brian O’Hare

Notable #77
The Experiment

by Robin Lamont
Notable #78
The Final Flag

by John E. Nevola
Notable #79
The Fire Inside Us

by Mylisa Anderson
Notable #80
The Hand in the Window

by Elizabeth Young

Notable #81
The Hubley Case

by J. Lee
Notable #82
The Knowing A Bulwark Anthology

by Brit Lunden
Notable #83
The Mountain’s Morning Song

by William Graney
Notable #84
The Ninth Session

by Deborah Serani

Notable #85
The Portal to Thenitiwan: The Gateway

by Ada M. Stone
Notable #86
The Price of Compassion

by A.B. Michaels
Notable #87
The Unity A Predictive Fantasy

by H. Barton Wilson
Notable #88
The Green Soldier

by J. Edward Gore

Notable #89

by Dr. Joyce Addo-Atuah
Notable #90
Thylacine Dreams 6 Tales of Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy

by Jonathan Maas
Notable #91
Trial of a Warrior

by R. H. Pfeiffer
Notable #92
VieVie LaFontaine

by Linda Heavner Gerald

Notable #93
Waters Plantation

by Myra Hargrave McIlvian
Notable #94
Grit & Granite

by Katherine Johnson
Notable #95
When Grandma Teaches You to Lie

by Jenny Prevatte
Notable #96
When Time Stands Still

by Sara Furlong-Burr

Notable #97
Where Thoughts and Stories End Verses on Eternal Truth

by Solomon Katz
Notable #98
The Red Hand: A Frank Nagler Mystery

by Michael Stephen Daigle
Notable #99
My Real Name is Hanna

by Tara Lynn Masih
Notable #100
28 Days: What Your Cycle Reveals About Your Moods, Health and Potential–Updated and Expanded

by Gabrielle Lichterman

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