Excerpt: Vanquish of the Dragon Shroud by Gregory E. Seller

About the Book:


Maxine Aronheart is the stunning wife of a handsome and successful Beverly Hills hedge fund manager. A celebratory evening on the company yacht Copious turns to horror as the yacht suddenly explodes and is engulfed in flames. Maxine is thrown overboard by her husband Logan, as Copious is rapidly sinking. He says to her, Youll forgive me! Then, he vanishes. Was he trying to save her or kill her?

In a story taken from current headlines, a power struggle in China results in a battle for control of billions of dollars in hidden assets. The Shroud of the Red Dragon is a multibillion-dollar business enterprise that hides the personal wealth of families of the Red Nobility, leaders of the Chinese Communist Party. They have hidden their vast wealth from the Chinese people and from the world, but a purge of the old regime threatens to expose the secrecy of these illicit assets.

The new leader in China sends his agents to repatriate, for his own purposes, the hidden assets of the former regime. The secrecy of the assets of the Shroud, and the struggle for control must be protected at all costs, even if it means death to all who learn of it.

Logan, his family, and business associates are caught in the middle of this deadly battle for possession of the secret assets. He ends up fighting the new leaders murderous henchmen and, ultimately, his own government. His quest turns to a desperate struggle for survival, revenge, and redemption.

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Featured in Aug/Sept 2016 Issue: Sixth Anniversary Issue

As she left her cabin and came back upstairs, she heard the others out on deck. At first, it sounded like laughter, very loud and raucous. As she climbed the stairs, she could hear that it was not laughter but yelling. 

The stairs took her to the salon, where she heard her companions arguing even more loudly. She opened the salon door to join the others on deck, when suddenly there was an explosion. It knocked her to the floor, and the boat listed sharply to the port side. 

Her husband Logan burst into the salon. His face was bleeding from a deep gash in his cheek. He pulled Maxine up off the floor.

“Oh my God, Logan! Your cheek! What happened?”

Picking her up in his arms, blood dripping from his face onto her dress, Logan simply said, “You’ll forgive me.” 

He rushed her outside to the deck, but the others were gone. Before she knew what was happening, her husband lifted her up and threw her over the railing into the dark ocean. 

She hit the water headfirst and went under. When she came to the surface, she screamed and looked back at the boat.

“My God, Logan, what are you doing?”

Logan was leaning over the railing and looking at her, but he did not jump in to save her. He had a pained look on his face and stared right at her. Blood was running down his face to his neck, and over his white tuxedo shirt.

Max, struggling to stay afloat, yelled again for Logan. “For God’s sake, Logan, please, help me!” 

The boat was on fire and the horn was sounding a distress call. The current was strong, and she could feel herself rapidly drifting away from the boat. 

Logan stood at the railing for a moment. He then said something to her that she could not hear. He turned and ran back inside the burning boat.

Maxine screamed, “Logan! Logan!” but no one was on deck. 

She tried to swim back to the boat, but the current was too strong. A second explosion forced Maxine underwater. When she came to the surface, the ship was gone.

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