Excerpt: The Sorrow’s Garden: A Novel by Anthony Carinhas

About the Book:

Well-known as an architect and writer in Leipzig, Germany. Radulf is repulsed by the nature of other people’s selfish living. Ironically, his own character is devoid of morals.

Despite the destitution his schemes cause. The power turns obsessive and his appetite for lust gives way for a new motive.

Autonomous Publications http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6481406.Anthony_Carinhas

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Featured in Dec/Jan 2016 Issue: 2015 Indie Best Award Winners

Several months had passed and Emeric was in the windowsill drawing in blue underwear. I stepped out from the shower and stared in the mirror while drying off.

The drawer was pulled open.

“Any plans for the weekend?” I asked.

“I was thinking about staying in.”

“Didn’t you agree to go to Vienna with me today?”

“I changed my mind.”

The towel was thrown at him.

“When someone gives their word. I expect them to follow through.”

He peeled the towel from his face.

“Why the restlessness? Christmas break is next week.”

“All the more to take the trip.”

He closed his portfolio and tossed it on the bed.

“Will you at least give me time to pack?”

“Yes. Because I still need to talk with Gropius.”

He became heated.

“You still haven’t asked for permission!”

“Just pack. I’ll be back.”

The door was closed and I moved downstairs. A blue cashmere sweater clung to me as I crossed campus and felt the sun on my shoulders. As I pushed into another building, I ran into one of the students from third period.

His curly brown hair was neatly combed to the side and his hazel-gray eyes looked eager. His portfolio was in his arms when he saw me.

“Just the person I was looking for.”

I exhaled loudly, “I’m not surprised.”

Koloman was having difficulty balancing himself as he gathered his things.

“I need your opinion on something.”

“I’m in a hurry, Koloman. Can it wait?”

“No,” as he pointed at the page. “What do you make of this?”

The metal chair looked promising.

“Maybe you could add some leather around the back… and thin the arm area. There’s too much leverage in the seat and not enough back support.”


“Is this for Professor Breuer?”

“Yeah. He’s assigned a new project.”

“His class is difficult. Be sure not to rush anything. He doesn’t like laziness.”

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