Excerpt: The Seduction of Paradise by Kevin J. Ward

About the Book:

People live in small, quiet towns because they enjoy the simple life. But sometimes these quiet little communities are the perfect venue for those with much more sinister motives. In The Seduction of Paradise, Joe McGowen and his family run head-on into the corruption and deceit one would only expect in the dark underworld of large cities.

Who could have known this seemingly idealistic life was little more than a façade? Who could have known that a common man like Joe McGowen would be called upon to act with uncommon strength to protect the town and people he loved?

Joe discovers that not even his blissful town of Paradise is immune to the seductive nature of money and power. But Joe also discovers there are some who will not be seduced at any price.

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Featured in Aug/Sept 2016 Issue: Sixth Anniversary Issue

Agonizingly he rolled over onto his stomach, blood flowing down into his eyes, and began crawling toward the hallway.

Suddenly, a masked man appeared from around the corner with a pistol pointed directly at him. Ryan prepared to lunge at the man, not believing he would actually get the chance. His body jolted with startled alarm as he heard the deafening roar of a nearby explosion, sending the upper half of the man’s body across the floor, with his legs falling limp where they stood. Ryan turned toward the noise and saw a shocked and terrified Beth Wence holding a smoking shotgun. He pulled himself to his feet and ran to her, taking the gun from her trembling hands, “I…I thought he would kill you,” Beth stammered, her eyes fixed in horror on the bloody remains of the intruder.

“He would have, Beth,” Ryan said. “You saved my life. But we can’t let up now. There are more men out there somewhere.”

More shots rang out, this time from outside. Ryan pumped the shotgun to chamber the next cartridge and ran back to the window, knowing he was no match for whoever was out there. What he saw drained what little hope he had left. Several men were running through the front yard and around into the back. Apparently, they were surrounding the house. He felt something touch his arm and turned to see Beth reaching for him, still in a state of shock. He put one arm around her and pulled her close to him.

The house again erupted with the dreadful sound of shattering glass as masked men broke through almost every possible window and door. Ryan and Beth stood helpless. Resistance would be suicide. Ryan dropped the gun to the floor and held Beth firmly with both arms as one of the men kicked the gun away. Then, for the first time in several minutes, there was silence. With the siege apparently over, two men approached them and abruptly removed their masks. Neither Ryan nor Beth recognized Special Agent Mueller, but they were sickened to see the face of Chief Byron Winfield.

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