Excerpt: The Governess by Victoria Capper

About the Book:


In Australia, love blossoms in the bush.

Life in the far west is more challenging than Thea expects – men carrying guns, huge spiders, murky water, what will she find next? She finds Bruce, a very attractive single man who is in desperate need for a woman’s touch to help with his two young daughters. Attraction is immediate, but can it survive this harsh environment? A beautiful story told with gentle humour and an authenticity only possible from an author with an intimate knowledge of outback life.

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Featured in June/July 2017 Issue: Welcome to the Library

One night, Bruce walked in to the doorway of the room where Thea was curled up in a chair, quietly reading a book. She looked up. He didn’t say a word, just grinned at her and crooked his finger.

Thea was puzzled, “What is it?”

He just stood there for a moment just watching her, smiling all the while, then said. “Follow me.”

Thea followed him into his office and there, along the window ledge outside the office was a python. It was a beautiful creature, blue and black and grey diamond pattern about as thick as your wrist and four or five feet long.

Thea didn’t notice or appreciate its beauty. She just stared at it, horrified, frozen on the spot. Then she gasped and turned to Bruce and threw her arms around him and buried her head into his chest. Bruce instinctively responded by folding his arms around her, cradling her protectively. 

How long they stood there wrapped in their embrace neither ever knew—a few moments—all the time in the world. She felt safe and comforted and strangely warm. Bruce, for his part wanted to deepen their engagement but he felt protective and knew he couldn’t take advantage of this wonderful woman who had turned to him for protection and care.

Slowly Thea realized what she had just done and hesitantly turned to move out of his arms and looked at the window again.

Bruce jolted out of his trance thought, Ooooops what had just happened here?

Thea couldn’t believe she was now calmly looking at the biggest snake she had ever seen. She’d come a long way in learning to live in the bush.

 Just the same she didn’t really want it to be around the house where she was living. Bruce couldn’t always be there to take her in his arms. She hoped big pythons had to be moved away for their own safety.

“Yes” Bruce said, “I’ll take her straight down to the wool shed. She’ll be safe from the cats and can eat the mice down there.”

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