Excerpt: Sorrow Hill by Ken Donaldson

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I am Emalia! My Story a stolen life, echoing on Sorrow Hill. Born to Riches, raised in poverty with kinfolk. Cast out into slavery in an age of innocence. Despite family betrayal and secret’s held across two generations. Painfully recorded through written word, speaking to you an epic tale drenched in Sorrow, Joy, Murder and Vengeance. For name’s sake and Reputation. Now witness to your own eyes the events. Which changed history to the society of men.

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Featured in Aug/Sept 2016 Issue: Sixth Anniversary Issue

High upon an icy mountain cliff alone inside an empty house; echoes windy haunts blown through broken windows. Whistling past my ears while I sit dwelling within the ghostly memories of my past. Demon’s they are now to my present, haunting each passing final hour. Day by day adding painful reflections to recall a time not so long ago, tho years have passed by stealing away my very youth upon this mountain. Which once brought forth pleasure’s along with rewards anyone would simply die for. 

Come with me as I take you on a journey to a time’s world in a world, where darkest of secret’s lie hidden under a cloaked mask, all for sake of family name. I give you now this, my tale to know.

My Dearest Emalia

If you are reading this than I am already passed beyond this life and I am truly sorry for not having told you myself. What I have to say is just as difficult to write as it would have been had I told you. I do hope you can understand. In life we all do and act in ways which cause us to bare our own personal shadow. Tied to us like a ball and chain never releasing the guilt one brings upon one’s own self. Even I have done such acts which have left me haunted by the demons of the same guilt I just spoke about. None of which in my own eyes are any near as bad of the acts I have cast upon you. For a crime many others are guilty of. I have taken vengeance against many of them after learning the truth leaving just those few whose names you will find in this book. I leave their fate to you. 

Tho my life has been spent largely in a world of wine and song enjoying the fruits of my labour. It has been all for nothing when I choose my path. Failing to stand by the ones whose lives meant the most to me. My wife and daughter, instead taking the side of society views above truth and justice for my own personal pride. Seeking the respect of others; who were not of my own bloodline. 

I can not forgive myself for the fool I have made of myself. Having turned my back walking away and left you to endure pain and suffering. A burren I am sure your mother shares to. All I ask is you forgive me and make a better life than I. In this, Hill Estate now belonging to you. 

Your Dad

 Donald Hill. 

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