Excerpt: Portals, Passages & Pathways In the Land of Magnanthia by Bruce Maul

About the Book:


Have you ever wondered, “Why am I here?” For Fourteen-year-old Simon Whittaker the answer isawaiting on the other side of a magic portal…but so is the darkest,primal evil.

Book #1 in the teen and young adult fantasy adventure series.

In the Land of Magnanthia is a fantasy adventure that takes you on a magical journey into the beautiful land of Magnanthia, the home to fantasy creatures of all kinds, spell-casting wizards and warlocks, and the ultimate war between good and evil. 

Follow two teenagers as they go up against the hardships with coming of age, struggle to find redemption, and fight to discover a way off the roadway of eternal death and onto the pathway to everlasting life!

When a portal to another world cracks open just outside a small town in Minnesota, itsets off a series of events forever changing the lives of the two boys.Simon is set on the path to save the world, while Jak is on a path totear it apart.

What pathway are YOU on?

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Featured in Dec/Jan 2017 Issue: 2016 Best Indie Book Competition Winners

From Chapter 15: The Power in a Name

He stopped and held the torch high above his head. The scuttling stopped.

It crept slowly into the torchlight as if there were a chance it wouldn’t be seen. Jak held his breath at the sight of the abnormally large, hairy spider slowly moving toward him. Its black, mirrored eyeballs were void of thought and emotion. It stopped and sank low to the ground when Jak took a step back. Its body was bulbous, resembling a large, black, hairy watermelon with a tiny head protruding from one end. The spider’s hairy legs were jagged and as large as those of a king crab.

Jak froze. Holding tight every muscle in his body he prepared to dodge if the spider jumped at him. He couldn’t read the spider’s empty eyes so he couldn’t anticipate at what angle the spider intended to attack. He slowly brought the torch down from above his head to straight out between him and the freak of nature, which emitted a series of clicks and clacks with its pinchers. The eerie sound echoed down the hollow corridor behind him.

Another series of abhorrent clicks responded from behind Jak; there were more than one. But glancing behind him, he didn’t see anything. Then he heard it again and it was even closer. Glancing on either side of him, he didn’t see it on the floor, but he could hear it…. The reason snapped in his mind just in time. 

Spiders can climb walls!

Keeping the torch between himself and the crouching spider, Jak glanced up over his shoulder in time to see another spider making its way near him on the ceiling.

As soon as Jak spotted it, the spider sprang from the ceiling. Jak reacted. He swung and ducked at the same time connecting his forearm and torch to three of the spider’s bristly legs. The large arachnid squealed like a lame rat and landed near the other spider.

The wounded spider scuttled toward Jak with vengeance; the other one followed suit. They each took to a side of the corridor as a third spider, nearly twice their size, came up the middle.

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