Excerpt: Our Real Life in Christ by M. Alberto Zelaya Aragon

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Its essential to uncover the current malady affecting the organized Christian Church today, not its structuring and not necessarily its organizational approach, but present to it His solution, which has never been hidden or even veiled in His Word, which is that we must return to the true roots of Christianity, which is founded on the individual discipleship of each member of His body, just as Jesus designed it and modeled it for us while He ministered on this earth. It passed the acid test of resiliency when it was mercilessly persecuted, as its disciples applied the principles as instituted and instructed by our Lord for all of us to display and to do. I encourage anyone to do a Bible search for the word disciple and believer and see firsthand that these words are not interchangeable or used in the same context when referring to a specific person whos known to be committed to our Lord, versus referring to a generalization in the third person to someone or a group whos aware about the existence of the real living God.

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“Another way of understanding this change from the ceremonial to a reflective union with our God is to consider the relationship between a heap of iron strands and a magnet. We know that the magnetic field around its poles is always active. The iron filaments are not receptive to that attraction if the magnet is kept at a distance, but if the filaments come very close to it, they cannot resist that strong attraction from the poles. At this point, each filament, without any exertion from itself, realigns itself in the same direction as the magnetic field and, along with the rest of the filaments, reveals the pattern and the extent of the magnetic field’s strength. When this happens, the chaos that existed within that heap becomes orderly, according to the energy and orientation of the magnetic force. In this very same way, our God is always active in seeking the lost with the attractiveness we find in the love of Christ on one end, and the Father’s forgiveness and mercy on the other. Thus, we are drawn by these poles of His love and grace, which we know is undeserved. We also find that His pardon and compassion are wholly irresistible and motivate us to respond in love and submissiveness.

Once we connect to the symmetry of these captivating qualities of the Godhead, consisting of the Father’s love for us, the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross for us, and the wooing of His Spirit, then our mind, heart, and will, as those iron filaments, also align and reorganize around His plans and Will. It is here then, as that baby mentioned above, when we personally start to experience His love, promises, and design for the lives of His children as outlined in His Word. Once you get to this place, it’s absolutely impossible to even contemplate a departure from the faith or to have the desire to be apart from Him, much less find any value in, or the time to play the religious game. It was from this strategic high ground that the first-century church was more than sufficient and able to conquer the Roman world for Christ, unlike the weakened, irrelevant, and sterile church of today, as currently viewed by this world.”

Our Real Life in Christ by M. Alberto Zelaya Aragon. Reprinted with permission.

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