Excerpt: Ones Such as These by Al Fonner

About the Book:

In a time when truth is like a wisp of smoke in the wind, two lives hang in the balance. Jenna, a 32-year old professional woman, wasn’t planning a family; but a cruel act of fate puts her on a sharp learning curve that threatens to alter her life forever. Faced with an unwanted pregnancy, she must choose between her own desires and the viability of the fetus growing within her womb. As the reality unfolds in this tragic story, Jenna learns about truth: sometimes, it is both elusive and unpleasant.

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Featured in June/July Issue: Summer Reads

Chapter 14: Truth

(Jenna) sighed and said, “I’m just trying to find the truth.”

Roxanne … smiled. “Truth…what is truth? Throughout eternity, many have searched for truth. But it is an elusive thing, truth is. So, most fail in their quest. Oh, some do find it, I suppose: Jesus, Gandhi, Jung, Mohammed, and Confucius, to name a few. But most don’t.

“Truth is found only at the highest level of consciousness. It is like a river that flows through the Universal Mind. Where it is shallow, it runs swiftly; in the deep part, there is calm. The deepest truths are where we find peace and serenity. And like a river, it is always changing. Each place on the river is unique.

“Every life that lives, whether it is human or not, has its own truth which resides within that life. And each life’s truth flows into the great river of universal truth like a tributary into an earthly river. My truth is not the same as yours, any more than the writers’ of those passages truth is my truth.”

Jenna considered these things…. “So, what you’re saying, then, is that what these men wrote apply only to their own lives?”


“But if the One transcends all things, why doesn’t a revelation or truth given to one individual apply to all?”

“Because the universe is eternal, ever changing,” Roxanne answered. “A given moment is never the same as the previous one or the next. You see, within that moment, something has changed.”

“But we’re not talking about a physical reality,” Jenna declared. “Consciousness transcends the physical. Isn’t there some ethical standard that can guide us along through our journey?”

Roxanne sat back and sighed. “Well, Jenna, I don’t know. You’ll just have to meditate on that one. I think you’ll find the answer…. Jenna, can I ask you something?”

“Well, yeah. I guess so.”

“Are you pregnant, Jenna?”

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