Excerpt: Mind Games by Al tair Charron Bey’

About the Book:


Mind Games is about raising the level of education in America today. It is a must-read for parents with school-aged children because it helps them understand what criteria teachers and administrators use in making up their children’s educational material.

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Featured in Aug/Sept 2016 Issue: Sixth Anniversary Issue

Can you be a good parent and not know what goes into your children’s educational material? 

Recently a group of past “Mom Congress Delegates” were able to travel to Washington D.C. to meet with the U.S. Department of Education staff, to discuss the importance of positive parent/family engagement in our schools, our children’s educational material, and how to support these initiatives. They found several things: 

* Having a family involved in a child’s educational opportunities and experiences is critical to long-term student success.

* It is important for parents to be knowledgeable of how student curriculum is being created and presented; and what the results from the new assessments will mean in the year ahead. (Many states have adopted “Common Core State Standards)

* As parents, they often feel that if they just had the “information” they are looking for; which provides the criteria used by school administrators who create curriculum and standards, it would help their ability as parents to discuss with school administrators what they would like to see become a part of their children’s education. 

This book gives parents that information they are looking for; it provides the criteria which curriculum and standards are based upon, and much more, for their ability as parents to discuss with administrators what they would like to see as a part of their children’s education.

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