Excerpt: Mastering the Power of Your Emotions Second Edition by Elisha O. Ogbonna

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Mastering the Power of Your Emotions has a simple but undeniable premise: Emotions are at the centre of everything we do. If you can control your emotions, you can control your life. But as straightforward as this sounds, most people are not the masters of their emotions. This is evident by the epidemic of depression, anxiety, suicides, violence, and broken relationships in today’s society.

To help correct this, Elisha Ogbonna explores how temperament and character influences emotional response; how to respond rather than react to a situation; the five Laws of Emotions; how to handle rejection, abandonment, depression, and grief; and how to release and replace negative emotions with positive ones. Using his personal experiences, the laws of science, real-life examples, and scripture and other stories, Ogbonna pulls out all the stops to provide readers with a better understanding of good emotional health and the tips and tools to make sure they achieve it. As he notes, “We can change our world, workplace, families, and ultimately our lives for the better when we master our emotions…”.

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Featured in June/July Issue: Summer Reads

Every one of us is emotionally wired to be happy or sad. Our individual desires move us to pursue things that we believe will give us pleasure or joy. Everything we do in this life is either influenced by our emotions or will to do otherwise. The pursuit of happiness and satisfaction is everyone’s goal. This is evident when we move from one city to another, one job to another or one career to another. It is all about happiness and fulfillment. Whatever we have acquired or look forward to acquiring—house, furniture, car, education, or business success—is connected to our desires. We work hard and smart to get what we believe will meet our needs. 

What is the bottom line for all our toil and labor under the sun? It is in my opinion to be happy and find some level of satisfaction. When we achieve our goal, we are happy, and with good feeling from our accomplishment, we are often motivated to accomplish more. Positive emotions—enthusiasm, anticipation, hope, or joy—are uplifting and charming. We love and want them. We love it when things are going well on our terms. It is true for every human.

However, emotions are like day and night and the seasons of nature. Daytime comes and makes way for the night at sunset. Nighttime likewise makes way to the day at dawn. Regardless of how much we love summer, when the time comes, winter must show up. Positive emotions are good, and we desire to hold on to them tightfistedly, but the time usually comes when they disappear. They disappear when we face challenges, meet obstacles, or are rejected. Whereas it is great not to experience rejection, failure, or loss, it is impossible to escape them as long as we are alive, have family, or meet people. The ups and downs that go with life are no respecter of persons. They will definitely at one point find their way into our life to stir our emotions for actions. When our desire hits a roadblock, we may experience [varieties of emotions].

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