Excerpt: Journey Into Darkness | Blake’s Story, Revenge and Forgiveness by J. Arthur Moore

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Blake Bradford, a young Confederate soldier who is in the war to find and kill the Union soldier who killed his father at Shiloh, falls into the hands of the enemy when he is wounded at Perryville. But the young Federal soldiers who recover him from the battlefield and take him into their company and protect him and get treatment for him, become close friends. In battle at Richmond and Perryville in Kentucky and Stones River in Tennessee, young Blake comes face to face with the horrors of war and the gut-wrenching destruction and aftermath of battle with its loss of life and of friends, wounded and killed. He no longer wants to kill Yanks. He just wants to go home. SCREENPLAY

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Featured in Feb/Mar 2017 Issue: Crossover Edition

Journey Into Darkness

“Dee,” Jonah’s voice startled him from his thoughts. “Will Johnny go to heaven? Will he be with God?”

The voice and the question caught the youth completely by surprise.

“I ain’t knowin fer sher, Jonah.” Duane pulled himself from his dreams and reflections. “He sher oughtta.” 

Jonah had been wakened by his companion’s song and had listened without moving until it was over. Now he stretched, sat up, and moved to the window to gaze at the passing countryside, washed in the radiant glow of the dawning day.

“Is God really there?” he asked without turning from the window.

“He has ta be, Jonah.” Duane faced the small voice. “We ain’t no accident. The flowers ‘n trees ‘n living creatures ya’s lookin at ain’t no accident neither.”

“How’d you know what I was seein?”

“What else would ya be seein?”

The two smiled at each other.

“Is Johnny with God?” Jonah asked.

“He sher is, Jonah,” Duane replied. “An’ he’s with us, too. As long as we ain’t fergittin ar time tageth’r, he ain’t neve’ goin from us.”

“What about the box?”

“He’s ther, too. But he’s in thet trunk as has his thin’s. An when his box is in the ground, his thin’s ‘ll still be with me, an’ so will he.”

Blake’s Story, Revenge and Forgiveness

“Why are you in this war?” Christopher asked.

This time Blake was caught off guard and didn’t want to answer. He hesitated a long time. All sipped their coffee in silence, and waited. Jimmy watched his young friend’s face and saw an unexpected hurt.

“My father was kilt at Shiloh,” he began, then stopped. The boy remained silent for several minutes. No one spoke. Then he simply stated, “I thought I wanted ta kill Yanks.” That was all. He said no more.

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