Excerpt: Joss Landry I Can See You


Emma twisted her head side to side. She moaned, powerless to change her fate as an unfriendly force dragged her and pulled her along in spite of her protests. Her silent pleas weren’t caused by anything she found. Empty haze surrounded her until the long corridor began to take shape and revulsion beat a warning throb inside her head, the pounding in tune with her frightened heart. 

Recognition heightened her fear. The lone light bulb dangling on its rope swinging left to right reminded her not to come any further as did the stench of rotting wood. An unseen force yanked her all the way in this time, making the moans and whimpers drifting toward her appear childlike. She wondered if the cries echoing around her came from the room itself. 

She struggled to turn around, to return from where she’d come. By now she realized this trip was a mind trap, her body uninvited to the usual nightmare. Yet she could not shake the weight of doom keeping her prisoner while it moved her forward. She peeked through tear stained eyelids and glimpsed a door which creaked as it opened slowly, revealing nothing more than a black hole she had seen before and from which she might never emerge. 

From I Can See You by Joss Landry, josslandry.com. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved. 

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