Excerpt: Jesus The Jew No One Knows by D. C. Smith

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International Books Award: Best In Non-fiction History!

In Jesus The Jew No One Knows D. C. Smith reintroduces history’s most misunderstood Messiah. He presents the Torah-observant teacher, accompanied by classical artwork and concise explanations, to show what actually happened to him both before and after Christianity took root in Roman-occupied Judea. Using a carefully drawn out series of historical segments, Smith peels back 2,000 years of revisionist distortions to uncover the many myths and made-up stories about a local rabbi we now think of as “Jesus,” but whose real name was Joshua. Smith informs us about Christ’s birthplace, his mother, father, brothers and Nazarene neighbors, as he describes a peasant existence exalted and overdramatized after-the-fact. He shares the circumstances of a teenage boy growing up in Lower Galilee, noting the race, tribe and lineage he would have belonged to, while explaining the political meaning behind his parables and the baffling behavior of his closest disciples. The author also considers narcissistic emperors and kings who reigned during those ancient days and recounts the new prophet’s religious calling, along with aristocratic “enemies” and so-called “friends” who claimed to have witnessed what was going on. In the third and final part of the story Smith exposes his hideouts, his last supper, his betrayer, the Roman judge who sentenced him, and the eventual crucifixion, all of which were followed by church doctrines regarding his resurrection and second coming. Replete with biblical timelines and a comprehensive glossary, Jesus the Jew No One Knows is a visual journey into the day-to-day life of Jesus Christ. It chronicles how the truth about him was either covered up or set aside and how later theological traditions were passed down over the centuries by Greek-speaking ghost writers with suspect agendas. From start to finish, this remarkable book separates fact from fantasy in reconstructing the historical Jesus and the turbulent times in which he lived. It is a must read for inquisitive people of all faiths and for secular humanists, too!

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Featured in Oct/Nov 2015 Issue: Read Global

This short book describes Jesus of Nazareth as he lived day to day, walking the hill country of Herod’s domain nearly two-thousand years ago, sharing communal meals along the way, teaching neighbors and fellow travelers not only what to believe, but how to behave.

Unfortunately, it did not take long for the king to hear about what was happening. Informants reported that ordinary people were responding to the new rabbi in ever-increasing numbers and that Zealots may even have joined his messianic movement. Worse still, it appeared certain that the youthful teacher had recently formed an alliance with John the Baptist, the most popular preacher of the age. Together they would join forces to bring an end to Roman rule so they could build a new nation dedicated to God.

We all know what came next. Both men were executed, leaving their disciples in disarray, especially the followers of Jesus who expected a miraculous return and who hoped to keep the memory of his earlier pilgrimage alive. Yet their master’s mission and his revolutionary message began to slowly fade away, distorted over time by self-appointed apostles claiming to speak on his behalf, by gospel writers who never knew him, and by church fathers competing for control of their fledgling faith.

To satisfy Jews they doctored the genealogical record and moved his place of birth from Galilee to Judea. To attract Gentiles they made his mother “a perpetual virgin,” his father “an adopted caretaker,” and his brothers “reluctant bystanders” instead of comrades and co-conspirators. Even his name and his birthday were changed because “Joshua” offended non-Jews and December 25th glorified a god-man named Mithras.

Local aristocrats, foreigners and narcissistic emperors could not abide who he seemed to be, another Galilean rebel inciting insurrection! So they manufactured a very different story where Romans were exonerated, Judeans vilified and his descendants cruelly exterminated.

Anyone wanting to discover the truth about this ultimate icon of the ages, whether for religious reasons or merely because he’s such a fascinating historical figure, has found the right book to read. 

D. C. Smith, Big Bear Lake, California

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