Excerpt: God Never Says “Oops!” by Blondina Howes Jeffrey

About the Book:


The ability to turn back the clock is not a luxury life affords us. No one owns a rewind button. Yet, how often have we wished we could undo a wrong, unsay a hurtful word or forever erase the messes of past mistakes?

“God Never Says “Oops!” examines this dilemma, and offers real hope and encouragement in knowing a God who is never shocked or confused by our sins and mistakes—no matter how heinous. God does not wring His divine hands in frustration because of the spills of our failures and imperfections. When we offer them to Him in admission and confession, He covers our sins, turns back the clock, gives us a brand new start and works the bitterest consequences of our misdeeds for His glory and our good. 

“God Never Says “Oops!” invites you to explore and experience the graciousness of God’s amazing grace. 

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Featured in Feb/Mar 2017 Issue: Crossover Edition

Inmates in prisons and jails are not the only ones in our communities, towns, and cities who are incarcerated because of their past. There are many people walking “freely” outside the walls of our penitentiaries who are bound: guilt, regret, shame, and fear are their jailers. Unable to reconcile with their past errors, afraid of the opinions of men and of being unmasked, they become experts at passing blame, judging and condemning others, and repressing their emotions by immersing themselves in spirituality, good deeds, and religious exercises. They do all this in an effort to drown out the accusing voices of the past. Many Christians, though redeemed, ransomed, and forgiven, find themselves in this group, limping through life, stalked by guilt and shame over their past, not living in their freedom. 

I have written God Never Says, “Oops!” for such Christians. This book looks at this human problem and addresses it as essentially a spiritual issue. It speaks primarily to Christians who find  themselves troubled by guilt and regret over the past, and makes the claim that even when we mess up, make poor choices, or sin against our God, our mistakes and sins don’t startle or confuse God. God is never and can never be shocked, baffled, or surprised by our sins and mistakes—neither can they deter his eternal purpose and plan. 

We do not see God scratching his divine head in horror at Adam and Eve’s disobedience, wondering which plan he should then put in place. Adam and Eve did not mess up God’s ultimate and perfect plan, for God has no A, B or C plans. The God who never says, “Oops!” has only one eternal plan and purpose for man, made before the foundation of the worlds, and to this day it stands fast: “That in the ages to come he might shew the exceeding riches of his grace in his kindness toward us through Christ Jesus” (Ephesians 2:7).

God Never Says, “Oops!” offers hope and encouragement to those who wish they could turn back the clock—those who have spilled milk—who are suffering the consequences. 

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