Excerpt: Bobbi Finds a Forever Home by Diana L. Likely

About the Book:


The true story of a brave Maine Coon cat’s journey toward finding a forever home. Recovering from injuries of unknown origin and struggling to raise two kittens alone, Bobbi’s sweet loving spirit gently but firmly captures Diana’s heart despite the career woman’s efforts to avoid the responsibility and commitment of returning Bobbi’s love. Bobbi’s story will appeal to children five and up and anyone who has longed for a place to belong.

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Featured in June/July 2017 Issue: Welcome to the Library

Bobbi is a Maine Coon cat with a mysterious past.  Only she knows the story of where she came from and how she got to the woods… Bobbi had no home.  She was alone, hurt and hungry, and she knew a secret.  She was going to have babies… 

Soon she gave birth to two little kittens… 

The forest was a scary place where rain often fell.  Thunder boomed and lightning cracked and rain poured from the sky.  Bobbi watched for foxes and hawks that might try to eat her kittens.  She kept her kittens hidden, but she was ready to fight anything that might attack them. 

Bobbi moved her kittens every day looking for a safe and dry place to stay.  Moving the kittens was hard work.  Bobbi had to move one kitten at a time.  She picked up each kitten by its neck and carried it in her mouth to a new hiding place.  The kittens learned to go limp and hang quietly when she carried them.

Sometimes Bobbi and her kittens had to sleep outside.  Other times they found a barn where they could be warm and dry.  Bobbi moved the kittens so often that her teeth wore off parts of their fur and left sores on their necks.

One day Bobbi’s sharp nose smelled something tasty.  It was meat, but not just any meat—Chicken!  Her favorite!

She left the kittens sleeping in an old shed and followed the scent.  Soon she came to a pretty little blue house that belonged to an old farmer.  A lady on the deck was grilling chicken!

Bobbi crept closer to the deck, but kept a safe distance.  Living on her own had made her careful of strangers.  Yet she smiled her best smile as if to say, “I LOVE chicken!”

The lady’s name was Diana.  She said, “You are so pretty.  You look like a Maine Coon with your long fur, your big furry paws, and your long fluffy tail.  Are you hungry?”

The old farmer shook his cane and said, “Do NOT feed that cat!  It will never leave.”

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