Excerpt: Athletes, Celebrities, Personal Moments The 60s and 70s by Walt Brown

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This is a story of memories, of time spent observing and interacting with most of the major athletes and many others during the last half of the twentieth century, and of time up close with movie stars, major politicians, and other celebrities. You are alongside Walt Brown during many of the major events that spanned the decades of America’s continuing battle toward equality in sports and general life.

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Featured in Aug/Sept 2016 Issue: Sixth Anniversary Issue

A Personal Moment with Muhammad Ali

The station host introduced himself to the Muslim guard, and to Ali. I saw him gesture toward me and the leader of the guard shake his head “no.” Ali smiled and, in turn, shook his head at the guardians; nodding at me to come on over. I signaled my videographer to join us.

As we approached, my videographer seemed scared by the guards, and held back. Ali noticed the girl, and walked to the bench. With a friendly smile, he asked the girl why she was there. I said to Ali, “she’s a champ, too, Champ; national age group track champion.” Ali said to the girl, “You are? Let’s see how you run.” The girl got up and started jogging around the room. Ali joined her.

I whispered to my videographer, “get them jogging!” He didn’t turn on his camera. And we missed out on what would have been one of the great Ali videos of all time; jogging in a reception room alongside a Junior Olympic Champion pre-teen white girl. It was joyful and warm.

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