Bookstagrammer @Sahmbookqueen

Name: Niki

Books Read Per Year: 50-60 books

Favorite Book: The Bridge Kingdom

Favorite Genre: Romantasy

Current Read: Dance of Stars and Ashes by Nisha J. Tuli

Tell Us A Little About You. 

@Sahmbookqueen:  This question always stumps me a bit. I feel connected to so many different things, but at its center, I’m a mom who is passionate about connecting with and supporting other moms, preferably while sharing love for our favorite books while drinking a cup of coffee.

Tell Us A Little About Your Bookstagram Account And How It Got Started.

@Sahmbookqueen: I joined bookstagram in July of 2023 hoping to connect with other people who love reading as much as I do. I started by sharing reviews of my favorite books. Slowly, my account morphed into mom humor, bookish content, and the musings of an aspiring author. I’m not sure what direction my account is heading, but I love the positive space I’ve managed to carve out on the Internet.

Who Is Your Favorite Indie/Small Press Author And Why?

@Sahmbookqueen: I feel like this changes frequently, but if you asked me today, I’d say Nisha J. Tuli. She started out as an indie author and I adore her novels. Her banter is excellently written and I could curl up in the imagery of her novels.

All-time Favorite Indie Book?

@Sahmbookqueen: Lady of Darkness by Melissa K. Roehrich 

Tell Us A Bit About Why The Bookstagram Community Is Important To You.

@Sahmbookqueen: I joined bookstagram hoping to find a few people that were willing to discuss my favorite books. What I found was an immensely supportive community and genuine friendships. I was incredibly thrilled to find people who love reading as much as I do. But, my favorite part about bookstagram is the endless support and kindness the community shares.   

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Article originally Published in the March / April / May 2024 Issue: Indie In Bloom

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